Once & Done "extreme gardening"

baba G

bean sprouts are tasty
I've used it on tomatoes and peppers and such, but no herbs...
It worked well, but I had compost and other yummies in the soil and it's biologically as active as you can ask for outside where no person throws GH pink/green/purple on plants but the animal poop and other methods feeds plants as it always has. Rocks and poop is where it's at...lol
Whatup paulycali, I was given a pack by the local dro store and threw caution to the wind and placed 2-3 per pot (3-5gal) about 1/2 way down in my current outdoor gals, thus far i'm happy with the health of the ladies, I also added a few other dry amendments. I've only added molasses and 1-2 light feeds with Alaskan 5-1-1 till the roots reached the packs. Peace SSP

GSC...3gal smart pot w/3 packs

baba G

bean sprouts are tasty
I do swear by the mykos on my transplanting and then to add more fungi & bacteria I use Photosynthesis Plus or Plus C in Cali. I like being able to add that as a liquid and with teas it's all good! I wasn't impressed with the Mykos granular for top dressing at all!!
I have one buddy who has seen the finished product grown with nothing but once and done. No additives just water. He said what he saw as the end product was amazing smoke. It was greenhouse grown and looked great

I' am going to use this product this upcoming cycle. Feeding only water and letting the packets do their job. I will also introduce Fire from heavy 16 during the last week of veg and throughout the flowering period. I will leave one or two plants alone. They will be given strictly water and once and done and that's it. No additives. The plants will be grown in ready gro coco the one with the earthworm castings and other added goodies. Looking forward to it. I'll most likely do a grow journal on it. Especially if farmers want to see the product results. Let the fun begin

Wish me luck farmers :)
It is for sure the perfect product for guerrilla growers but i am just here for some feedback on their product. Nothing guerrilla lol! I would love to see a nice finished plant shot as well as some dried meds from using nothing but once and done. That would be awesome and i hope someone chimes in with some pics and some first hand experience. Thanks for stopping by guys :)