One Pound One Gallon Challenge

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I'm thinking 7 to 10 days for my taste although the tops may be more amber than I thought they would be now 🤔

What do you think?
I think you’re right. Another 10-14 and you’ll have more amber. I just chopped at 10 weeks and noticed after dry and cure most cloudy turned amber.. Looks great.. you think you have a pound there? 😃.


that is beautiful! i have truly enjoyed this contest! its like "you cant do this" and yall say "just watch me!" ya'll are real farmers, to learn the stuff well enough to manipulate it is fantastic!!! great job and good luck to all!


Trich production looks great, 300g in a 1 gal is phenomenal. Imagine that x 20 1 gals hahahah..
Yeah but it's just not efficient when you take into account days/kw hrs etc.

@growsince79 really opened my eyes as far as the best way to evaluate yeild for a given space/cultivar 🙏

With 4 plants in here and 4 weeks less veg I get waaaaay better numbers 👍


Like my next challenge will be:

"Can I pull a pound from a 200 watt LED?"

2.27 g/w

Light mover? Nice one! 154g shy but what the hell. I havent read tne thread. Are you the first?

I need to get a great led 6500k for summer...temps are going to be sweltering outside. Got this funny feeling of biblical proportions...lmfao....
So every branch that has a bud site you top and it splits into 2 ? You do this to all branches and keep tying it down ?
Here is how the cycle goes. I topped the 1st main stem, this gives you two new branches. while allowing them to grow i bend them and do a high stress training. When they have reached the length i want i topped it again. This allowed the plant to get two new branches while allowing the remaining side branches to grow.

In total i topped three times giving me 10/12 tops


UgaUgaUga the troll says

Alright. This is an idea spawned from pure testosterone, youthful exuberance, and downright competitiveness. Think the Solo Cup Challenge, upgraded.

The rules are simple:

- 1 gallon media
- 1 plant
- Must be the same plant documented from start to finish in this thread

You can use any media, any light source, any area, any genetics, seed or clone, any nutrients, any additives, PGRs, I don't care. Earn your place in history, and true trolling rights, by producing one pound (16 ounces, 440 grams) from one plant in one gallon of media.

I'll join the party once my current run is done, let's see what happens between now and then :D
One gallon max capacity of an aeroponic system with a seperate res that autofills the 1 gallon system when low? Lol. . is there a time limit here?
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