One Pound One Gallon Challenge

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One drop

One drop

Bush Doctor
Got this grow going in a pot ,it's looking good with a great flat top , nice and green with tight bud sites .
Going to try and grow a pound ,on this plant that's really sound .
If I fail it's not so bad ,in this tent it's really RAD,
with skills I've honed and technique to
the plant in question is God's Glue.
To the tune of BAD medicine show .......


Still very respectable! Out of curiosity what was the canopy width and how many tops?
3x3 tent with just the 4 corner squares of the scrog empty. She was topped 3 times and had 8 big tops spread out. Her secondary branches filled in the rest. There was a lot of popcorn/bullshit nugs but it was a fun experience. Definitely not my style of growing though. 🤷‍♂️
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