Opinions on "Terpinator" nutrient use for resin build up.

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I would love to hear expert opinions on Terpinator 0-0-4 nutrients. Would it be ok to mix Advanced Nutes Big Bud with Terpinator. I am using 30mls of terpinator to 1 gallon of water. I was thinking a 5mls of big bud with 20mls of terpinator. Before I do so, tell me to stop if its a bad idea!
Aqua Man

Aqua Man

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Both are bloom boosters in a sense.

Big bud is P and K some other little goodies.

Terpinator is basically some goodies and K in the form of potassium sulfate. Makes me laugh when you see the words organic and the main ingredient listed is potassium sulfate.

It all depends on your base nutrients but unless you understand how they affect ratios I would not bother with them. Imo using both would likely cause you issues.
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