Outdoor light leaks... any ideas?

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So I’m far from the flowering stage but I’m looking into ideas for the future so I have all my knowledge atleast somewhat figured out.

started my grow indoor but will be transferring outdoors once the weather gets nicer.

for flower, I have neighbours with outdoor night lights.. my place has a light too that turns out for maybe 5-10 minutes around 4am to let the dog out before work.
What are some ideas to avoid hermi or restarting vege?
anyone out there have a similar issue that they were able to overcome?


tarp it.
Pull a tarp over the plants before you go to bed. Ive done it. Works beautifully.


I have light leaks in my flower space, one above the door lets me know if my lights on or not, kept meaning to plug the hole, but never got round to it, think its two years now, so tiny light leaks are not the end of the world.
Yes I live in the city and I have neighbors with patio lights on both sides. I agree with this statement I have ran regular photoperiods man times and have never experienced any issues. Even though the lights may appear to look strong Im willing to bet it is measured very low on a light meter. You should try to run them the way it is I bet they will still start to flower with no issues.
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