Personal Cammo for you, not plants.

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Yes, a yetti suit; for the emergency freak outs!

Cops get so damn military about things, I'm sure so many spend a nice chunk of income on very expensive and almost rarely used "toys".


I simply dress in black. as i always go to my spots at night. I wear a hat with a bandana across my face. If a helicoper goes over head just stay still and look at the ground dont look up at it.


i just started outdoors but, i wore jeans, black tee (it was starting to rain), and fishing boots. big, white slip-on fishing boots. i carry my fishing pole and tackle box (which makes bringing small sprouts out really easy). i even do alittle fishing when i'm out there. i ran outta duct tape but, i meant to cover the bottoms with it because they leave crazy tracks in the mud. not so much in the woods tho but, as soon as you hit a bare area they make tracks. i thought about painting the boots camo but, my plan is to look like a regular joe just doing some fishing. nutes (which for veg are green) will be left in a gatorade bottle with appropriate flavor and watering bucket will be left around the scene. haven't planned what to do during harvest yet.


I live in the bay area I'm looking for some outdoor spots on the coastal range. I'm gonna dress up as a mountain biker. Well I don't were those funny shoes and stretchy close but that might not be such a bad idea. That way my junk will buldge and look larger, spandex is cool. LOL


great advice BG, i do something similar..i dress like a hiker/photographer and have a change of camo clothes on the way to my i change on the way there and back to regular clothes on the way back to my car...i do this mainly to not stick out like a swore thumb to low flying aircraft...i have had a chopper fly right over me real low and if i was wearing white or something i would be in a shitty situation...if my spot was closer to the road it wouldnt look so bad but when an aircraft see's some guy wandering around thick brush over a mile from any trail or path it looks a little strange...ive never had to put anything on my shoes for two reasons one i have tons of little rocks i walk on so i dont really make a trail and i use shoes that dont have any pattern on the bottom there called clark wallabees and although there not as rugged as hiking boots i find them much easier to move in and easier on the ankles

John Ditchweed

I would walk out there with a fishing pole and small tackle box with tools in it......... just me but around here everyone goes fishing
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