PH Level Water Fine/Soil PH Won't Come Down

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I'm in mid-flowering and I can't seem to get my PH down below 7 -7.5 and whatever the problem is, it has started to change the color of my leaves where they're resembling slight burns down the center. I'm fairly certain the water is the problem because I've followed the nutrient schedule I've used in the past and at this stage I've removed the added nitrogen ( and increased the Phosphate and kept up the same amount of Big Bloom as recommended by the folks at FoxFarm Fertilizers). It's the same schedule I followed with my last 1 plant grow (which turned out rocking!) and my speculation regarding the diagnosis is PH is not letting the plant adequately absorb potassium and/or other nutrients due to too high PH. I'm growing in coco/organic with added manure, some worm castings, and perlite in a fabric pot; humidity steady at 50%. I've been adding the Orange Acid PH down chemical every time to my rainwater I collect, making sure it's at 6.0. . .figuring that would drive it down enough, but it hasn't. Also, when I water, I've been watering a 1/2 gallon every 4 days or so. I have a little runoff, but it's completely gone in less than 12 hours (sucked by plant and not by the exhaust fan because it's only 1 plant in a 24x24x48" grow tent, and the fan was sucking the humidity right out) Should I be lowering the water PH even more at watering, say bringing the water down to around 5, hoping that'll balance with the soil to bring the soil down? Also, should I be maybe giving the plant more water? Any brainstorming is appreciated as I can't think of anything else to do. . .
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