Phlizon Autumn Sale & October Giveaway - FD6000-O 640W



🙌 Phlizon Autumn Sale &October Giveaway!

Don't miss it!!

👉Easy to participate:

1. Question: How many diodes does FD6000-O have?
2. Answer the question, leave your country in the comment with the hashtag #phlizon
3. The winner is required to share a grow diary
4. Giveaway is only valid for one-time entry. Love&peace!

Phlizon FD6000-O 640W

0-10V Dimming
Samsung LM281B LED + OSRAM Red LED
Inventronics Driver

🥳We will announce the winner on October 25th!!!!

PS. Phlizon Autumn Sale is running! Use Extra 8% OFF discount code "PHTHCFARMER8" to get the best price!
Click the link to get one:
Phlizon US store:
Phlizon UK store:
Phlizon CA store:

Good luck!
Wow what a giveaway! Would love to take those 2592 diodes for a spin!


Do not need ur light, have 600w 2 cycle led that has been chugging along for years, have another brand new one still in box, besides autoflowers do not run correctly under a full spec light, give it to someone who really needs it!

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