Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

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Looks good from my house. A question, was that pic taken right at lights on? Reason I ask is I dont see any turgor in the plant structure so I assume it was at lights on before it really woke up to pray. Peace


Great post, however I'm still no clear why my girl dies during flowering, Mid budding? Seems to be the middle of her that's dieing slowly.

Mike l

I am also a new grower my plants are about a month old i have switchrd the lighting around trying to firgur out the best way for it. Ive got them in mg soil. Not sure of the 0-0-0 numbers wasnt on the bag also use mg nutrition spray i feed them in this pattern. 1st day feed them. Wait two days and feed again humidity is around 55-60. Heat is 72. Pg between 55-60. One set of lights are led 300 watt hydro farms light. Anothrr cheap led growlight 100w and a white natural cfl buld with. What could be making them turn yellow or droopy
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