Please Help Me Is This Mildew?

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Is it powdery mildew?

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All of this and no one said it. I will, you need to stop and do what you will with what you got left.
Then start cleaning. all the sproes are in your entire area. On your clothing and even your dog if ya got one.
Until you get rid of it you will always have it. I kept my humidity at the number that stops it's growth.
I clean everything after a grow even my dog. I use alcohol spray and a bleach spray.
Oh and you have a lot of salt residue in your media.
You might read about plant to plant contact and where the plants respond to it, and how.
I understand about most of this but smoking anything grown with PM.
When your my age you will have a plastic tube around your neck and you will travel as far as the plastic tube will let you.
Do u work for CNN? You always show up with bad news... Show me where you see pm on my plants? And i use florakleen to break down any unused salt build up.... You must have some good eyes.


so your suggesting I have what exactly? this is a new facility with more then few are vegging
brother dont take no drastic measures! I dont care what anyone says! They can hate me all they want. I say chill out, get more fans blowing. Air movement is key! Tell me a little about your grow experiance and what your setup is? Are you a caregiver? legal? plant count?


I put some fresh coco from a bag in a cup and did the test again and its still making fuzzy sounds
brother, dont take this wrong, but everything has bacteria, and will fuzz! Im not trying to call out the stupidity in a few of the posts, so i wont. Tempy... brother, your not gonna have a perfect grow, and even if you did, what would you learn from that. Just accept you have a huge learning curve, and your gonna make mistakes. My best piece of advice is this, follow @justiceman , and @Wisher619 , as they got the plants to prove they know coco like they know the beaver in their girls pants!
Justiceman has maybe the best roots in coco here at thc, and wisher is an encyclopedia of knowledge on growing mj, as well as various other kind of plants.... Im not saying others here don't know their craft, but it really helps to pick one person to always confide in first, then u take his info and research it yourself to either prove or disprove their theory..
Im a hydro guy and thats where my love is, so even tho i know coco fairly well, its not my thing! But i love seeing ppl exceed! I have watched a handful of guys in the last 4 months with the groups help, see thier first harvest... I plan to watch you do the same! Good luck, pm me, tag me, if you ever have a question or concern, either with your grow, or the site, as i have friends that are mods, who's only goal here, is to see you succeed and treated with dignity...


Ouch. I use filters to catch the spores. I have circulation fans pulling from down low and pushing across the top.
Then I use a cloth prefilter to catch what I can Washing in mild bleach solution cleaning and changing weekly.
The 6" carbon filters I am a cheepo I refill them two or three times.
I am not on your scale and should have though of that sorry. When I had it and it took time for me to get rid of it totally. Sea and DrMcSkunis were big help I have problems trying to think on your scale because was a hard fight for me.
I was over planting in a confined space and most don't realize they are doing it. All but a few of the strains in Ma nature don't grow close together and not in straight lines humans did that. Plant to plant contact is important,
you don't see it talked about here much but Plants no when and where they are touching each other. I leave enough space that no contact on the top 25% of the plant the bottom I strip bare up to about a foot( sog is different because your faking the plant out by keeping the lower part bare of leaf) I move my fans down to trim level and it dose dry the top of the media out a bit so I added course coco to the top inch of my media. At this point I was getting there. However the last thing and I haven't had it again. I became a Humidity nut and I brought in low lvl's of CO2 (Thanks to another here) If you mist your plants get careful when and how you do it. I let the humidity stay as steady as I can. When I get to flower I drop it below here the Pm and several other things can grow. Once for a week I was running a heater and the A/C together on to cut it out humidity and one to keep hot enough to keep cutting the H2O out. I am not sure all of this is necessary but I have not had it for a long time and will hang with what worked for me I have a small space 8x7x40 If you have a big space and are growing on that scale you need to think about Lab coats and they need to go thru the dryer ever other day. I have closed my conex down to where I have very limited access I stop in my storage area and lightly spray my self with a 4% bleach solution and then put on my lab coat. Then I go in. Oh and that is everything that goes in. I don't spray my dogs with bleach I do however spray them with a cider vinegar and water with drops of lemon grass oil and peppermint oil. Its good for there coats and kills fleas Ticks mostly will not go near them and doesn't cost 50 bucks for a collar. Stop and think about what is getting into your grow room and you carry it in.
Not anything but advice I had a dryer and washer in my conex in the early days and" bounce" in the air and Weed is a dead no no growing in the basement with a dryer in the are is a TRAP.
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