Pollen Sacks But No Pollen With Cs??? What Is Going On?

Years ago I was a member of a secret group (still am) of invite only members, breeders. A member named Nannymouse emailed me with the idea that maybe CS would work on changing the sex on pot plants. I took on the work and reported my progress back to the group. Before I finished my testing one of our new members took it upon him self and behind everyones back to make a post on the CW site, letting the world know about how great CS worked at making femmed seeds, You gotta remember that STS worked great but at the time what it took to make it was on the FBI watch list. CS has worked to some degree and is strain dependent, at the time it seemed the only way to go and not go to jail. I wish CS worked better but it is what it is. Later, Stash