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been growing for a long time bow close to 40 years, grew when I started saving the seeds when I got my bag of 3/4 seeds with very little buds, this was back in 1978, I got some Alcapulco gold coming after growing some Maui wowie, Durbin Poison, NL & White Widows, very 1st strain to breed, a guy I knew gave me some seeds thought they were feminized seeds but turned out reg seeds males and females i grew, 1 male with three females, turned out good
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Otto Bonn

Otto Bonn

It’s basically all I smoke out of (for the most part) and if I don’t clean that thing weekly, it reeks, the glass on glass contact gets jacked up. Plus, it’s kinda a pet peeve of mine, dirty bongs are no dice imo. Gotsta keep ‘em clean. 👊🏻
ditto, clean glass is a priority with me. I toss a small handfull of pool salt (ice cream salt crystals) in with the iso and shake, it works really well
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