Powdery mildew right before harvest

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Is this crop ruined?, would you smoke it?

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I wash my outdoor plants, but just with water. I felt like i could taste the baking soda, when i did that method. Will definitely do a wash next time, if this happens again
I personally only use hydrogen peroxide. The 3 bucket method is to get everything off the buds, very important if youre using lemon and baking soda but also if youre using hydrogen peroxide because if it sits in the buds it can slightly burn them before it evaporates. Baking soda and lemon works great but Im also a bit dubitative because everyone knows if they have cutted lemons, its pretty hard to get it all off with just water, you need to run the water at high pressure and not rub your hands (that makes it worse since the lemon enters the pores of the skin, same trick with garlic, dont rub just put your hands below the water). I didnt think about the baking soda being a problem, with enough clear water it should dissolve but now that you say it is yet another reason to only use hydrogen peroxide.
EDIT: Also hydrogen peroxide doesnt leave any possible residue, the oxigen separates from the water and thats it. You just need to be careful with the ammount you put, plenty of tutorials on youtube, and rinse it off well in the other buckets before drying the excess water with a fan and then hanging them.
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