Purple stripes on my mother plant ( Nothern Lights )

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I have 3 mother plants. 1 Northern Lights, 1 Purple Kush and 1 Strawberry Banana. And i have also 4 plants in flowering. 2 tent.

1 Tent for Motherplants and 1 for Flowering.

MotherPlants picture:
Signal 2023 08 20 131144 002

Mine 4 plants in flower all its Nothern Lights / NL.

Signal 2023 08 25 183931 002
Signal 2023 08 25 184649 002
Signal 2023 08 25 184758 002

I have 60X40X60 tents so i dont have so good space in this room. :P
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Can you out GRAV The Gravmaster???
Hey Yo! 😃

I am new to the game of growing Cannabis. Can someone tell me if this is normal based on the pictures I am attaching?

I have problems with the middle stem / cuttings coming out of my mother plant having purple stripes around the stems, Is this normal?

- Have taken 2 cuttings from my mother plant now, so waiting for roots.

- Don't worry about the ring I've put around one leaf.
Yes, I know it looks very bright and it has received some nourishment but it has suffered some damage to 1 leaf so I will wait a few days before I give it nourishment again, at the moment it is only getting water.

-The only thing I wonder about is the purple stripes on the middle trunk and the trunks, if that is normal.

- Name on the strain its Northern Lights Fermenized.
Purple stems tends to be a sign of cal mag deficenecy... I would suggest adding calmag if not using any

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