Sativa coffeeshop raided and closed!!!


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thanks to milehigh for letting us know about this

Coffeeshop Sativa was raided by about 20 officials today, Police, CityHall, Taxes and FIOD worked together in terrorisinng yet another coffeeshop...

They were successful, and found 500 grams more then the 500 grams we can have in stock according to the fLaw.

We have been told we will be closed for at least 14 days.

We''ll keep you informed, I fly to Holland tomorrow to talk to the Police and such.

When I sell A kilo per day, I pay my taxes over those sales, now they confiscated on day supply, wich we can deduct from taxes to come....

Strange, so the taxpayer is to pay the bill for weed destructed= Disgusting!
Sad news :(

mr. haze420

maybe they should limit how many big mac's they can have at any one time and make them run for more when they are low on stock. all politicians are hypocrites, liars and thieves

Capt. Crip

Yes screwed up indeed....
Luckily it's just a 14 day deal....I thought they shut them down for good for this violation...
I'm glad to see they are going to be back open,how else would I get stoned right off the train for my walk to the indica...Sheesh...
I'm damn sure gonna drop a few euros in the sativa this trip...Just my way of giving the law there the middle finger!!!!
Take care fellas...........................................CC

i,m a good freind of nol, who is 1 of the partners that owns .. the willie wortles 3 coffee shop [sensimellia /indica/ sativa . he live just down the road from me :p and i see him most weeks

nol is a strong minded person.. he will sort it out . and the coffee shop will be open soon

I am sorry to say they(bad guys legal system) are towing the line and it looks like the Sativa may be closed for six(6) months. I don't believe there is an appeal process in this case but I am not sure. Meanwhile, Indica will step up to the plate and make sure all WW customers are kept good and stoned.
ive been to the willie wortel shops before and they are very nice friendly place to go. shame the sativa is shut down as it was only about 100 yards away from haarlem station.
Is the Sativa going to be closed for 14 days or 6 months? The Sativa with it's awesome hotel is one of my favourite spots as I'm sure it is with many of you. If anyone has any updates please post.


No shit Nol is a storng peron, both mentally and physically, and with a strong woman like Maruska behind him, he's very strong indeed. Hope him and Wernard can get them to change this stupid law, but I'm not holding my breath.

What annoys me is while this gaggle of police were turnign over a respectable, well-run and honest business, how many people were mugged, how much smack was sold on the streets and how many houses were burglarised? It's all about priorities, and Nol#s coffeeshop is far from being a threat to social order and the general good!