Second Grow - Spiderfarmer joins the fray.

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So with Spiderfarmer jumping in and sending a light we're off to a brighter start this time.

Plants - 6
RQS Cookies gelato

Growing in Biobizz light mix for start until flowering then moving upto Biobizz allmix.

Nutrients - just gonna use biogrow by biobizz then massive by green planet for flowering.

Keeping lights up high and just adjusting for lux. Last time we didn't get much height. Will be using a scrog net and aiming to get 24 bud heads per plant.

Will edit this later.. just to get started 😁


Germinated on the 3rd
Out soil on the 11th
Last one popped out on the 14th.

24 hour light cycle right now . All looking good.

Light distance still at max height just adjusting them for lux to control stretching etc.

Small update my dudes.
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