Small Grow For Nubies.

Well, bumped into an old friend not long ago from my youth, and boy did he look ill. Said he had an immune system illness, said he had problems eating and sleeping, also said he was in a bit of a mess financially. Think we have all been there. I asked if he still smoked, he said he couldn't afford to buy any smoke. Well, being the sort that I am, I said he could grow a couple of plants and save him self a fortune. But then I forgot, he was broke. I arrived at his place for a coffee and a catch up one afternoon, there were about 7 others there, a couple of the dudes I knew from way back, we went through the old days and the conversation eventually turned to cannabis. We talked about good weed and bad weed as you do, then some one mentioned growing your own, and how I used to grow, and had had to retire. It was mentioned that my old friend should grow his own, that way there was a good chance he would be able to eat (munchies) and sleep, I'm a gold medal sleeper after a good Indica. lol
It was a good idea, but for the fact that my friend was broke. The only thing we could do was have a whip round, I emptied my pockets onto the table, some spinning change and 4 or 5 paper notes and a bit of weed, like wise the others chipped in, it looked like we had been out robbing parking meters by the look of the contents on the table. But the pile of dosh looked a promising start.
$300. Mmmm! This is not going to be high tech, so where do you start? My first thought was a digital ballast, finances would not stretch to much else, brand new or second hand? Went for new, the last thing my friend needed was a break down, when he couldn't afford to buy a new one. So a Lumatek 600/400 watt was purchased. This was half the money gone after a Lumatek 400 watt bulb was bought. Was going for the 600, but my friend still has bills to pay, so a 200 watt saving. Next thing was medium to grow in? Water comes from the sky for free, so even at a push rain water could be added to top up the DWC's, and that is the road we took. 2 inch bubble stones, 3 galloon buckets, and Canna Nuits, not the full range, but 4 basic bottles. Vega A and B, Flora A and B, Cannazyme, and Agent, which is just calmag. I lobbed in some stuff I had laying around to get the show on the road. This was just over a week ago, we were donated 3 raggity plants that had cuttings taken from them, so we did like wise, and took a cut from each, as the flower room will be a wordrobe, there will only be room for 3 plants at any one time, this will be on 12/12 permanently. We also have a veg space which has room for 3 buckets, this will be powered by 2x 18watt, 24 inch long strip lights, we'll have to suck and see on the strip lights. lol

Well, one week later, and it's starting to take shape, these are the cuttings, from left to right. Jaun Herrer, Critical Kush, and the legendary Super Lemon Haze, not a bad selection I suppose, for free.


This is the flower space, plants left to right are, Juan Herrer, Super Lemon Haze, and a Critical Kush, the plants are a bit raggity, but the were free. So we'll see what happens, can I save an old friend with this basic grow? See what happens. This is last week, the plants have picked up a lot since then, when I get a minute I'll put up pics from this week.
Some parts made me chuckle though...
$300. Mmmm! This is not going to be high tech, so where do you start? My first thought was a digital ballast
Digital is, for lack of a better term high tech for a budget grow..why not use CFL with more of a red spectrum for the flower? What is keeping all of this ventilated? How much were all the air stones etc not to mention electricity?
Throw in the nutrient cost etc and all that you for sure got a hook up for $300. Not bagging on ya but growing is a fad on the rise right now. Idk where your at but in CA and I'm sure tons of other states buying "used" is way better. How many people stop after half a run and decide to get rid of shit., they broke it in for you and its still probably under warrenty.
Ok, my main point...doesnt matter now since your underway BUT. A few CFL strips and red/blue spec lights, soil or peat perlie/coco etc + thermometer and a fan would have been way easier. What size fans are you using to cool the 400?passive vent?
Soil/soiless would hold up to a few days of no watering...culture needs water to gain depth (metaphor?).But if something fails to work with pumps/stones your going to have a big farm trio a desk lamp and soil got me started 10 years ago. All grows aren't easy and that's what is the best part about it. Wouldn't be fun if there wasn't some guess work and anticipation for results
The only reason to run 240v is to load more amps. If it's cheaper, it's very very small savings over 120v.
If you have a 1000w light on 120v is 8.3333a
1000w on 240v is 4.166a

So you can load more amps.

The amps and volts have nothing to do with price you get charged, kilowatt by the hour is how you get charged and they're both thousand Watts means they are exactly the same but the 240v with higher volts can run a little bit more efficient.
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