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Help anybody. Gotten myself into a jam here(in about a month)
What would be the smallest container potting mix, where some BlueSat/OGK, Donks, and Stwbry Ds could finish bloom for selection only purpose. Size/yield is secondary, but a healthy plant/bud quality is important so i know what to keep. Just have a big problem for space, these are 6 day seedlings at present, but the flower room wont be open to handle them for 6-7 weeks atl (big enough, not enough lites) and the veg space will be too small to hold em over. Is there any benefit to 12/12 from now, or will that make viable cuts impossible later? (Got a little too happy trying to push stuff before spring)


what's up drfarm in all reality there is no such thing as a smallest container (i remember the shot glass challenge from another place, yeah a shot glass)

I know coco will handle the smaller pot better than soil, but in the end a half gallon pot would probably be the smallest i'd attempt from seed, just expect issues and more matinence sooner than later. Take a cut up to 3 weeks in with little issues.

In the end you may want to just take a top cutting when applicable and hold off altogether until you have the neccessary space.

Whenever i had a space issue i'd think "just run it maybe sacrifice a little but just run them"

Now i know better because in the end the half assed run would produce half assed flowers and one could not really judge the keepers accurately.

Grow one nice beautiful gal or six shoddy stressed out girls that go to the hash pile.

take cuts for later ditch the donors and focus on what you have space for


Thanks Shapeshifter, Whats the matter with me? Damn sure can take the cuts, flower donors, sex and sort em and wait with the clones ...and will have room to let maybe 4 go nicely. Simple and clear. braindead here!! drfarm


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That shot glass thread was pretty good


i ran into the same problem farm, what im doing now is 4 small cuts in each corners of a 3.5" sqaure pot, im able to flower 4 seperate cuts in one little pot. And honestly an oz. isnt far fetched at all in a drip or flood system, hand watering will keep em smaller cause towards the end they need constant water, which also makes gnats an issue but so wont any nft type system...but yea shit stays small another idea is take cuts and flower em without rooting em and keep the original seedlings uber small with stupid high humidity and training....OR i can shut up and keep my ideas to myself, idk im just saying, lmao......beeerreeeerrreeeerrr.

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