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Few other phenos, gotta say its gonna be hard to choose the keeper. Gonna end up choosing by the best smoke because they all look frkn good. I dont have a clone collection so I need a keeper from this pack to keep running. Maybe Ill keep a couple phenos, we'll see



My garage reeks!!
Heres a few potential keepers. Theres a couple phenos that flat out have a OG kush dank to them and others are more sweet. This one pheno has a real good candy kush type of aroma, not exactly OG but really good in its own class. Really sweet.

week 7



those last 2 pics are shots of my fav OG leaner. its pumpin out decent yielding colas and it has that nasty og funk :) nothin sweet about it.


Had to chop today, as of now here is where the phenos stand, will have a smoke report for them when the time comes. No camera right now :(
Harveted early at 8 weeks, most phenos could have gone 10 weeks
There is multiple phenos i would love to keep running but due to my situation i am lucky if i find a spot to keep my keeper pheno alive.
Stanky danky OG pheno-
Large foxtailing colas
funky sour kush smell
good branching
looks more on the sativa side
stretches but stacks long colas

Blueberry OG pheno-
medium sized flowers
extremely sweet candy smell with zesty pine undertone
hard rock buds
trichomes glisten in the light, frosty! flowers are oily to the touch

Crazy Bud pheno-
medium sized chuncky foxtailed flowers
undescribeable sweet smell, not much OG
branches ok
has a crazy identifying look to the flowers. 3 tops on 1 bud type of crazy look

Lil OG pheno-
average sized tops
good brancher
piney og smell
average looking

Mini OG pheno-
medium sized top
doesnt branch to well
average looking
VBK pheno-
chunky extra frosty tops
branches ok
very appealing to the eye, super frosty!
smell is sweet but rather bland
piney undertones but not much of an OG
Keeper OG - pheno i kept
big solid uber frosty sweet pinesol lemon zesty smelling flowers
hence the name keeper og thats how I identify it.
very good brancher, even branches on the far edges grew big tops. Solid yielder of quality nugs.
"Frosty as fuck! OG" AKA "FAF OG"
Smaller sized flowers but branches like a champ
really solid and extremely resinous flowers with a very intense smell, cant quite make out the smell. Would be a keeper if it wasnt for the low yield


found my camera :) Nug shots and smoke report coming soon, buds were hanging for the first week, then paper bags for a few days , and then finally went into ziplocs for the cure at 2 weeks. Been curing for 1 week now. The keeper og pheno was danky as soon as it was dry in the bags. stay tuned for the dry pics and smoke report

My keeper didnt make it. Left it in the garage without light for a week, I came back and it was all curly dry leafs. Its ok i feel so comfortable popping more beans, this run every single pheno was really good. some more frosty, some more stinky, but all looked like grade A. So maybe its not about finding a keeper, I would rather keep popping beans and just experience all sorts of different flavors. Got some romulan x vbk lined up for my next run :) just gotta get a spot


Ok fellas, sorry for the long wait. I managed to get a few nug shots of each pheno with my camera before it was all gone. Heres where shit went bad, memory card for the camera ended up lost :( I had the last of the last, tiny buds from the bottom of the bag. Danky nugs to. So i snapped a few shots of those with my phone camera. its the best I can do til I find my memory card.

All the OG phenos are dank stuff, taste, smell, look, they got it all, the berry phenos are nice n frosty, and taste like good herb, but dont have an outstanding flavor the way the og phenos do, maybe its just my preference, I was looking more for the OG leaners so thats what im diggin.


Last few blunts that I smoked were tasting like some straight og dank. Everyone i smoked out was loving it. The few people i tell dont believe i grow it myself because it looks so good. THeyll be like... "THATS HOMEGROWN??? SHIT thats good bud bro you really grew it?""


Also made some wax from all that frosty trim. Looks good for my first time .



Hopefully I find that SD card and I can throw up shots of each pheno,along with a smoke report. Show you guys the chunky stuff!!!


FAAK YEAH! found the memory card!!! Heres the shots I had in there, I thought I had taken more pics but thats all I had in there. At least I was able to get something and finish this journal right :) Heres the shots

Stanky Danky OG pheno-

sour fuel smelling buds, great og taste. Quality smoke overall. This pheno grew a bit more stretchy than the rest, also grew the biggest top out of all of em, i would say it was my second choice for a keeper. Open up a container of this and the room will smell like straight skunk!


Blueberry pheno

This pheno has an intense sweet candy aroma. Frosty as can be to! Very nice pheno


VBK pheno

rock solid, ultra frosty buds. Probably the frostiest out of the bunch right along with my "FAF OG". Great herb, smoke is nice n stoney, but the flavor is not totally there. Has a subtle sweet musky piney smell.


Frosty as fuck OG aka FAF OG

This pheno didnt really end up in the OG category when it dried up. The smell is a very sharp berry funk, really intense, kinda has a noseburn feeling to it when i squeeze a nug n sniff. Very good looking herb, really intense smell, and smokes like a champ, has a good herb taste but nothing outstanding.


Keeper OG

I feel really bad i couldnt get shots of the top nug on this pheno. My favorite pheno out of the bunch. This is some killa cali og kush goodness.



Forgot to mention they were cut down at week 8. Too early for most phenos, i think they had to go the whole 10


The most basic of setups and you still got some fire. How did they end up yield wise? to bad you had to cut early, imagine if you could have gone another week or two!


The most basic of setups and you still got some fire. How did they end up yield wise? to bad you had to cut early, imagine if you could have gone another week or two!

Average yield was about 18g of dried trimmed flower per pot. Which is not bad at all considering I only vegged 4 weeks from seed, cut down 2 weeks early, and was running my light during the day with no intake or exhaust in the garage, so I had some heat issues as well during flowering.
Nonetheless I still managed to harvest some decent flowers. Thanks for tuning in mayo


I could have also done a much better job on the cure, some people cure for months. I on the otherhand like to run strains that are danky as soon as they dry up, so that is how these were judged, they went from the chop to completely dry in under 3 weeks, whoever is danky with such a short drying time is good stuff. Im sure the other phenos could have possibly been stinky tasty buds as well but require a longer dry time and curing.
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