Spider Mites

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redog, you are not alone in wondering how the hell you dunk a plant in hydroton. I had the same question but forgot to ask. Thanks, JK, for the tips. I will start thinking about how to duct tape a cover on the pots for the dunking process.


no pest strips hang a couple in room with fans off at night and they will be gonem


I also hear of a organic product named azatrol or something like that it suppose to take care of alot of bugs,never tried it but I saw it at my local shop.It is a bit pricey but worth it.I actually had a mite issue when they were in flowering,what a nightmare,I sprayed them all over with organicide, and pyrithium.I lost alot of weight and plants.But I was lucky it didn't spread to my veg.I even tried some beneficial bugs,lady bugs which I think suck and pirate bugs.I will stick to a spray next time though.Just my two cents.


Spider mite murder!!

spider mites can be asshats!! but they are pretty simple to get rid of ,

YOU must do your job right and do it every 3 to 5 days !!
a lot of problems i see with mites is hate to say it but LAZINESS.. IF u use Einstein Oil like your supposed to u SHOULD not see mites after 2 to 3 weeks ! do not be fooled by marketing products they say it can drop em dead ! these bugs breed every 3 days , they lay eggs almost every 3 to 5 days . they will adapt to poisons and will become immune to almost every poison .

Using systemic poisons to kill mites is really not a good idea imho ,, when there are so many other options out there .

1to 2 tablespoons of Alcohol mixed with 1 gallon water can kill mites ,, will not harm plants ,, I personally done this to many plants
in flower or not ,,

sulfur is a natural pesticide . spraying the plants with a sulfur spray will help .

i use 2 methods Einstein Oil and alcohol .

trick to using oil is to get it to break down and mix with water lol ,, using alcohol will break down the oil and suspend into the water for a very short period of time
when spraying the plant ,, u will need a good Pump Sprayer , u need to mix the OIL and alcohol together first,, let it thin down the oil mix warm water to the oil and alcohol mix ,, then u MUST SHAKE THE HELL out the oil and water . spray the plant underside very well this is were they will be ,, u must coat the underside of the leaves .. TRICK 2 keep shaking the pump sprayer to keep the mixture mixed into the water it will try to separate from the water within a few seconds ,, means u gotta shake the mixture every 20 to 30 seconds
.after sprayin the underside spray the top side of leaves
to know u done the job right the leaves should be very shinny and be evenly coated ,, if u see spots on the leaves after spraying u didn't do it right ,,the plant needs to be coated ..

after 3 days go by i will use alcohol mixed with water
1 to 2 tablespoons per 1 gallon water ,, u need to be able to smell it pretty good when it is sprayed,, it is the fumes that will kill them ,, Just like in science class in jr high school ,, were we put the alcohol cotton swab into a jar with a bug and it kills it ! lol remember that shit from school ! Alcohol will do a few things for the plant . one it will clean the pores of the leaves and the leaves themselves. 2 it will kill any fungus or molds,, helps with powdery mildew , and kills the bugs!

now after a few days go by i use the oil again, i will do this even weeks after i do not see anymore bugs !

hope this helps and most importantly get in that jungle and work them girls ,,stay on top of all issues,, being proactive and not being reactive is the best policy !


I use a 5 gallon bucket lid with a long groove in it here is a pic.
I use the 5 gallon bucket to dunk.
The bigger plants I tend to just work them in slowly.
A little force may break a couple branches.
But my mother's are bigger than my needs so that's ok.
And floramite really does destroy those f%[email protected]'s and keep killing for 21 to 30 days.


I use ladybugs.
I had mites a bout 5 or 6 times.
I tried many methods, prefer the ladybugs, they are mite terminators.


I use ladybugs.
I had mites a bout 5 or 6 times.
I tried many methods, prefer the ladybugs, they are mite terminators.[/QUOTE

I do not like my rooms to ever be without lady bugs.
It seem's to make it kinda like outdoor's.
You alway's see a little damage.
But never a outbreak.
Awesome IMO


great info Sunsimulator I am always looking for the simple safe way to prevent and kill these little bastards... I never had bugs before I got cuts from others...

My last method has worked to rid the plants of those horrible little creatures...but I like your method and will adapt.

the every three days is key!

Learnin Monkey:animal0057:


I just got my little OZ bottle of Floramite in the mail, Cause I couldnt afford the 300$ bottle.

When the lights go on tonight I'm gonna spray it and tips or sugestions.


from what i know cleaning the leafs with sponges helps + clean with water with a few drops of liquid soap

Jalisco Kid

MH dip you whole plants under for about 5 sec. moving it around. Suerte JK


avid is 3.5 ml per gallon, i buy it at local hydro shops for 15.00 per 3.5 ml a gallon goes along way, also i promice that if your having problems with mites avid will nock them out with 1 treatment


you should get egg buster along with flormite check out nissorun vloeibaar they have a product called certis.. use a few drop's of soap or noburn from BN to keep everything wet.. spay -and I can not stress this enough- SPRAY EVERYTHING the walls floors every where and turn off the lights for 6 hours..


I imagine aerosolizing ANY poison has a risk of self contamination.
Protective clothing and a respirator are probably in order.

Then again - there really shouldn't be any problem, I mean the FDA and other powers wouldn't approve anything so dangerous would they? LOL

Jalisco Kid

Misting poison without a respirator would give you the IQ of what your spraying. JK,
this includes bacterial sprays also


I agree with J\K.
That is another reason why I do the dunk method.
And have you read the info sheet for Floramite.
That stuff is gnarly. Work's awesome though.


When I spray floramite or shuttle I wear a full face respirator, chemical gloves an acid suit and rubber boots. Did you ever see that picture in the Marijuana bible with the guy in the full suit? You've got to protect yourself. I wouldn't even dunk without that get up. Read the mode of action (stuff like interrupting the production of lipids in brain cells) and you'll want to play it safe.

I got a resistant population built up so I had to go back to basics- I used neem, azatrol (or azamax) and pyganic rotating all in combination with stirrup. Sprayed every week until week 4 or 5 and they seem to be under control. Use pyganic on the 5th go because it will mess with your baby buds less.

Look up stirrup- I would not spray anything without it.
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