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Paul Simon

Paul Simon

It has begun!

We are adding some more mother plants in with Mark Hamill for the next pollenation. The new mothers will be:

Do Si Dos
Alaskan Thunder Fuck
Long Valley Royal Kush
WiFi Alien "Hex"
Black Lime Reserve
OG Cookiez
Pine Tar Kush
Frank's Gift

We will be starting use of the next male soon, keep your eyes peeled for that thread!
Paul Simon

Paul Simon

Money shot of some Pudding beans. (Forum Cut GSC x Starkiller)
Paul Simon

Paul Simon

Busy as ever at the farm. Packs are finally available of Captain Trips, YOINK! and Pudding. They should be available here on THCF in the next few weeks and directly through our sales guy. Our website will be up in about 2 weeks as well. Check out Mr_Pink420 on instagram or hltseeds on KIK.


Hi! Some amazing crosses right now. I'd like to take advantage of the sale you just put up. How do I go about doing that :)
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