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I made a new system for the latest batch of seeds. I’ll be adding content weekly. I’m a disabled veteran with traumatic brain injury. I have years of experience, but I tend to forget things. If you’re reading this and see something I missed, please say something. I’m open to any and all advice.

So here were go. This is the setup:

Lid for the top of the 38 gallon reservoir.

A peek inside the lid. Inside, I have two airstones, 2 submersible pumps and ph/temp probes.

BlueLabs ph controller. I’m using GH down. I have it set for 5.8

Inside the tent. Using the Mars hydro tsw 2000w led light. Duct fan is Vicodin 8” 720cfm with an 8” carbon scrubber with a prefilter. Duct reducer to 6” to fit thru tent duct port. Tent is a 48”x36”x72” from topogrow.

Hose mess. I need to do some hose management. This allows a view of the connections I have.

Regular grandaddy purp from the attitude seed bank.

Femanized freebie Sweet Zombie from the same seed bank.

Active Aqua 1/4 HP water chiller powered by a 400 gph Active Aqua pump. Vinyl 1/2” hose.

The tent sucks in when it’s zipped up. It’s not bad, but it does. Fan on low. I’m going to try to add a variable speed controller to it. Also need some more fans pudding with in. There are unused 6” duct ports in the tent. I need to get a couple inline fans and fit them into the ports to force air in. I have a small cheap-o fan blowing across the canopy.

Buckets each have a airstones and are ran by an aquafarm drip ring. Hydroton for substrate.

GH FloraDuo A&B
rapid start/clonex
UC Roots
Armor Si
Flora nectar
Diamond nectar
Fulvic and Humeric acid

RO water starting ppm of 12.
EC is 1.0 (BlueLabs commercial ranged EC truncheon)
PH is 5.8
Temp is 77f
RH is 38%

I see the large fan leaves on the SZ is showing a cal mag deficiency. I added more today. I’m running about 30% of the dosage chart recommendation. GDP looks a tad twisted. Ph flex from the rock wool? Idk. I soaked it in 5.4 solution for a few hours. I germinated all these seeds in rock wool.

I should explain the pumps. One is straight forward. 400gph in the res pushes the solution thru the water chiller. The other pump in the res is also a 400gph, circulating the solution. The pump-out hose splits and fills the buckets, with an elbow in the bucket to create the waterfall effect. Another hose towards the bottom of each bucket gravity feeds back into the res. The circ pump is on a timer with settings of 20 seconds on and 3 minutes off. It’s odd, but this works to stop the buckets from overflowing and allow time for the solution to gravity feed back into the res. I expect I’ll need to adjust the settings as the inner volume changes with the increased root growth. Sight tubes would have assisted in this. I’ll do that upgrade after this grow cycle. So there it is. First post in a long time. I look forward to any changes or tweaks yall recommend.






lollipopped and topped both plants. FIM on the gdp, normal topping and supercropping on the sweet zombie. Flipping to 12/12 in the next couple of days. 5.8 ph
73 air temp
66 degree nute solution


Flipped to 12/12 a couple weeks ago. Introduced flower stage nutes and tea and half dose. Titrated up to full strength over the last two weeks.

90% reservoir change every 3 weeks now.
As stated above, sweet zombie is really eating up the cal mag. I had a little rusting on the lower fans and cal mag cleared it up in a week or so.

5.8 ph
1.2 EC
76-77 day air temp
72-73 night air temp
67 nutrient temp
47% humidity

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Looks good bud, I’d worry about the light being too close to the tops of the plants at this point, But aside from that it looks great.


Looks good bud, I’d worry about the light being too close to the tops of the plants at this point, But aside from that it looks great.
Very concerned. Super cropped like mad and it’s still reaching. I can’t move the light up much higher, so I turned down the intensity. Make need to snip the top axial growth. 30 years of growing and this shit still happens. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Scrog next time I grow these strains, for sure.


I had the same issue in my 3x2, moved them into a 5x5 to finish my last run. And this run I set up a scrogg for the first time, still learning as I go.

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