For Sale Sylvania Gro-Lux LED - Grow Lamp

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Gro-Lux LED Linear - the most advanced plant light solution currently available on the market.

Specifically designed for professional use, this product offers outstanding results in all stages of growth and flowering thanks to its plant-specific full spectrum emitted by the LED.

Combined with a Sylvania Start Eco LED ceiling light (Model: 0020910) and 6 matching LED panels (Model: 0020914), this set is the perfect choice for discerning growers who value quality and efficiency.

Plant-specific full spectrum for superior results
Ideal for all growth and flowering phases

Sylvania Start Eco LED ceiling light:
Model number: 0020910
Energy-efficient and powerful lighting
Easy installation
LED Panels (6 pieces):
Model number: 0020914
Price: 950€
Delivery in Europe
Sylvania gro lux led   grow lamp
Sylvania gro lux led   grow lamp 2
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