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no sighn of sex. im going to let these get bigger before i flip them.if they end up stretching like o haze .i will be able to deal with it when it happens.
titanium #1 these might stretch because of the o-haze in the titan haze 1/2 of her. somewhere ojd said it would stretch 2x to 3x.


Yea u can expect at least a 2-3x stretch on them bro....u should get them flowering soon :)
flowering soon titaNIUMS 1 TO 5 IN ORDER .ok haveing trouble tried to download pictures a number of times.i just reset my computer because of a virus ,i might have to change some things .......ill figure how to download the pics tomorow


Got a few bushy ones there :) How tall are they now? I popped my ojd gear at the same time and getting ready for flowering soon. Waiting for them to bush up so I can take some cuts, transplant and then flower!

What's your setup gonna be?
ive just got some cuts to root ,that are starting to grow.ive got a 1000watt & a couple of 8 inch vortexes.im also supplementing with cfl for bushier growth.im growing in soil .


Hey sun, what are your plans for flowering? Looks like you have 3 moms and 3 cuttings from the pics.
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