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What ever happened to those titanium clones would like to see how they went for ya


I couldent beat the spider mites , it was a long downhill battle that I lost.I am a strain horder , so I geusse I had way to much going on to treat.
I bought a bubba kush clone from hearts of MT. shasta, that had spider mights , haveing only grown from seeds , & my own clones I never seen this comming , & i've been growing for some time.

When I confronted hearts of shasta they appologized , & gave me 1 gram for my troubles.They wiped out a 1 mabey 2 thousand $ collection of strains.
They contacted the supplier of clones , & got back to me , & said that the grower said " who doesnt have spider mights this time of year? ":mad0233:

I did just crack a stink bomb , & I have 5 more , I will grow these when I pick up a carbon filter.


LOL!! looks like you were just introduced to one of your headaches, your local neighborhood spidermite.. suprised you have that kind of a collection and never dealt with them b4. most peeps get em alot quicker than that... I'd say you've been lucky!! For me and most cats here a preventative procedure is done weekly to prevent them from coming in and taking over... Sorry to hear of your issue, you'll chalk it up to experience b4 you know it.


I lived back east , but now am in cali . I was told that it was a new super strain of s might idk . I got a real young start at this , i've been smoking , & cracking seeds for about 25 years now.This is give or take , because of homelessness , & being a prisoner of war in the war on marijuana , & people.
I had fungus nats no problem . I've also thripes that I brought in with a bag of manure , fixed that no problem. The spider mights kicked my ass.Part of the problem was that I lived in norcal , & in norcal they push organic everything.I find out that I was being missled for the sake of the enviorment or something .So im spent out $ on all this organic crap , & then I find out that it only treats the problem , it doesnt fix it.

I do use neem now , & if it happens again im spraying them with the nastiest poisen I can find.
I belive that prevention is the best way to deal with them.I hadnt ever purchased clones , & just assumed that a co-op would be professional , but they tried to come off like its ok to sell clones that are infested , just because of the time of year.
now I see how nieve I was about medical marijuana clubs (they are buisness)its about $ not compassion.

I told them that it didnt just ruin my crop,I told them im a strain horder , & you ruined a large collection.They looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my head , like they had no idea what I was talking about , like I was speaking in greak!

I lost a lot of RM strains green crack , mowii wowi , amoung others.Most of my strains were selected out of a number of seed packs!!!!!They gave me a free gram for my trouble , that , & an apology!!!!!!!!!

Its been a while , but as you can see , im still mad as hell .Im wrighting this in .I am to pissed right now .
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