THC vapes %


Alot of THC vape pens claim they are 74%-85% THC content but they do not have any proof to back up their claims.
Does anyone here use them and know if they are indeed that potent because to me that seems like a very high percentage.
Be very cautious smoking ANY thc vape pen UNLESS you personally know the PERSON who makes them and what they put in them.

Aside from that, I make pens. The good ones, NOT the death pens with vitamine E acetate that 5 MAJOR terpene companies sell as their thickener (you know who you are, we know, the feds know, the fda knows, just dont drop da' soap fellas!

If you have a starting material of 90% thc, and add 10% terpenes, your down to a 80% thc cart. I wont go into details about my sop publically. But those are some starting numbers for ya. If you want to know more , shoot me a dm and we'll talk more.

NO CUT!!!!

Cutting is for bishes and scammers
Its 70 or whatever % by volume, each hit is not 70%thc, if you want your thc levels that high buy shatter or pure d line oil, i = me never vape i want to taste my weed, nor do i want my lungs to colapse.