the crazy stuff you do

so I had made a move this yr and was not going to really grow till next yr I put out 10 autos in a area just for the h.ll of it.... Oh 1st off
Hi ... I'm New Here..... A few weeks ago I was cutting some Grass and run across a plant that I wasn't sure what it was... So I just posted on here to see if you all knew, Bad / Good Mistake...LOL :)

well my plan was to grow outside , I had a few bro's tell me before I moved, I should take a few tents out here with me just in case.... well after being on here I got the bite and couldn't wait... ( last thing i need to be doing right now lol ) BUT AZ2000 posts about just using reg led's and sh.t just got me thinking.. So I ended up putting out a few auto in the ground around the place but it's late. So then I decide I would just get 1 tent till I get my home done...
So after looking all over the net >>>>> I called ca to take the azz chewing and told head, I needed 2 tents..>> 1 4x8 with a sun 315 ra , ballast and 2 lights for it and a 2x2 tent ..... He says kool give him a few days.

So then I get into a post about leds and buzz and th......> were talking about leds and the links started getting put up... So here we go>>>> Now I have New Leds coming from china... So I call Joe and tell him I need a 36x36 tent also ( I'll use all this in my room when I get the house done also now ) told him why and what I got in leds.. So I start with seeds so there going when this all gets here...

Well Friday 9/8/19 the 1st tent gets here it's the 36x36 so I set it up Outside
Sat 9/10/19 fed ex shows up with the other 2 tents and a Cheap led light, call DH ?? WTF he's like I know you..... You can't wait now so just use it till your other lights come in and then it a spare and it's Free so Shut the F... Up..... I guess the 315ra will not be here till the end of next week, and I'm not sure when I'll get the lights from china....
So Yesterday I Decide to set up a 2 room tent I had for yrs/25 and see if it was still good, Idea is to use it as a room for all the other tents... It will look like someone is camping and it will keep everything in 1 place till my home is done....

I'll post the Info on the seeds and etc asap
I'm still living out of a suit case, so I need the room to build and the tent just makes scene to me ,I can keep it heated if needed, don't have to worry about rain, and it looks like I'm living and building here... also when the tents in the woods it looks like theres/I'm hunting at this time of yr.... I don't really think that I need to worry about it , BUT why Not???
So I kind of started over I'm not feeling like any of the 40 seeds that I planted a really going to happen there in pot still under lights but it's been long enough that something should happen so two days ago I started with Solo cups Happy Frog and bottled water I've got 10 in yellow Solo cups and Afghan Haze. 10 in the red Solo cups Hubbua. Now I dropped for seeds of Jack heifer since I've been reading SoCal plumbers grow diary I bought some of that stuff used on his seeds and I found a little gardening store so I ended up buying some stuff there...
so today I watered everything alot with good water, I added some of the superthrive into a gal of store got water (paid for) . this afternoon I planted 4 Jack Herer into this little pots I got yesterday at the store. ( I'll be shopping there a lot now....)
So I go inside the tent to water everything else and look what I see , Not 100% sure if this is what I hope it is... BUT if it is>>> Then this would be a bean form the 2nd set of Afgain that I planted into 50 % my soil 50% soil I got at walmart on Blow Out.......

So this has been Water with EVERYTHING......... We will see in a few days whats up....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
So I got a email and my New light has ship, I can wait for it to get here:) Guess I need to set up that 3rd tent, I never got to it cause I didn't need it, but next week I'll need to get all the lights set up right......
So I started run some water line to hook up a slop sink couple of faucets around the place the outside RO unit and I was at Lowe's. Seen that the Aerosmith's Ro units in products were on sale so I went ahead and picked up a whole house filter 3/4 inch that I'm going to hook up before the RO unit on the slop sink that's going to be my job today I bought a lot more water last night too but I'm hoping I won't have to use bottled water after tonight this afternoon there's a couple pictures still really don't have a whole lot to talk about as far as seeds or anything
The other 2 RO units came fed ex last night, I have to work this morning but will set/put the slop sink , dogs tota toghter with the RO Unit tonight or tomorrow