The Outdoor Reference Thread

you can cover it but you risk getting botrytis aka bud rot and pm powdery mildew from the humidity going up from being covered depends on how long you cover them for and if they get hit with sun right after .and you can get botrytis from the rain hitting them also what i do is just as soon as its done raining i go and shake the rain off my plants so they can dry up faster you never want to let rain sit on your plants exp from 4 weeks on cause buds are like a sponges and you will get rot...second question most people take the tops off of there outdoor plants first then they let the bottoms go a week or two later to get better yields and finish up cause soon as you cut a branch off the energy that would be going to that branch goes to the next set of branches and the rest of the plant ....jorge cervantes canna bible and grow dvds will help you a lot
choose a mold resistant strain. I grew Holland's Hope last year. It rained for 3 straight days in Sept and then 3 straight days in Oct. Out of 5 plants that were harvested on the 15th of Oct I had zero mold or bud rot. Smelled up the whole yard also.
ok so wait ... putting mulch on top of soil will double yield !!?????? lol i’ve see. hay on top... i haven’t used anything ... hay or mulch or pass