The Outdoor Reference Thread

great stuff.....i live around 12-15 degrees North latitude and i now have a better understanding of the effects the env and daylight hours have on foreign indica strains....thanks


Wow! i learned a ton and now I have reference material to go by thanks for sharing your knowledge


All learn while we live :big_boss:... time is the best teacher :character0050:


I'm sure there's more out there to be brought to the farm and included here, but I've been busier than hell lately and just don't have the time right now.

I'm glad folks are digesting this info though. I wanted to bring it here before it vanished like a fart in a stiff breeze, ya know?
"Obviously a full moon is not bright enough to affect Cannabis plants, but who really knows where cut off is?"

not true......the reason that the moon does not effect the plants is because its a special kind of refracted light. moonlight is brighter than a light leak or a streetlight but does not effect yer plants..........sorry to chime in just noticed this. many indoor growers i know say"light leaks dont matter think of the moon". the same assumption indoors can cause problems as well if you dont understand the difference in type of light.
mahalo PGW thank's for the very imfomative post of info for us outdoor grower's an indoor grower's all info that helps us become better grower's is priceles to me, an i am all so greatful thank's