UK Cannabis regulation

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Hi all,

Newbies here, thought hard - and decided on starting a thread for discussing UK Cannabis regulation, and the changes which will lead to it's eventual legalisation in the UK, for both medicinal, and recreational use.

The general consensus is that it's not too far off now, licenses have been granted to multiple UK start ups, as well as a couple of established US/Canadian based operators, to cultivate THC heavy flowers, for what they currently class as ''research and medicinal purposes''.

What are peoples views on this, what kind of a time frame might we be looking at, is it good or bad, for or against, positive or negative, etc. ....

There don't seem to be a current public discussion on this topic so ....


My state legalized cannabis in 2016 and then the whole country went to shit. So stick with the whiskey!


I can't see it happening any time soon.
If it does it won't be how we want it. It will be in some bullshit made in a lab pill form or something.
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