Unconventional Supplements and Pest Treatment

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I've been doing some reading about some unconventional supplements and wonder what y'all think or if you've read it. Apparently Nitric Oxide helps the formation of root hairs.

I know if Nitrous Oxide is dissolved in water the main dissolved species will be Nitric Oxide, but it will also add a Hydroxide group--raising the PH. Anyone ever considered using a seltzer or whipped cream maker to do this, really, I'm asking has anyone tried to give a whippet to their plants.

Fungus and mold are issues when cloning with the higher humidity and temperature, for me at least. I read that UVC lamps, while really bad for your eyes, and skin, are deadly for microorganisms. So I started flashing my clones every day with a UVC lamp. There's information about how much light a lamp will produce and all. But I read something from Stanford that said UVC is most effective against mildew/mold at night, because the organisms sort of lower their shields at night.

Running the UVC lamp with the grow light on seems to be effective for me keeping the clones clean. But. Has anyone tried using a UVC lamp during dark hours like Stanford suggests? Will it break down florigen or cause defects?

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