Undecarboxylated and soaking for months in Ever Clear

Hi - I am new to the forum and am looking for advice.
I have a large jar of murky green undecarbed flower that has been sitting in Everclear for months. It's a good amount and I do't want to waste it.
From what I have read this could be used but I'm super low tech and know nothing about making or using hash oil, wax/dab, or shatter. Could someone point me in the direction of a step by step process that I could follow to turn this into a viable THC material for making edibles?

Lessons learned: Always decarb, don't hide it away from kids without leaving a note to yourself, don't play with new weed ideas when your are high. :D
Go to grasscity forums and search Another Tincture Thread and post your question. Psychedelic Sam will give you the good or bad news and how to make the most of your predicament. He wrote the book. Good luck to you.
You'll need to evaporate the alcohol safely somehow. Like in a large glass pan with lots of surface area, and a fan on it. Outside. Wrapping a piece of pantyhose around the pan will help keep bugs out.

When you have it reduced to a goop, you can bake that goop in the oven at 270f or so for about 45 min to decarb. Then add a little coconut oil or butter as a carrier and add it to you favourite cookie or brownie recipe.