Used dish soap on plants, almost dead

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I planted 3 seeds 2 and a half weeks ago. So they’ve been growing for about two weeks now. It’s my first time growing so I’m just growing outside with sunlight. On some of my other plants I have spider mites so as soon as I found them on my seedlings I wiped them with dish soap. Stupidly I didn’t dilute the soap and almost immediately my leaves fell limp. I tried to remove any soap from the leaves but it was too late. My smallest plant looks terrible and it’s been 2 or 3 days now and I just tried flushing the soil to see if that’ll help. Will my babies die? Do you guys have any experience with this and have tips to save them?


Using regular soap on plants is bad, here's why;
Plants have pores just like people do. Plants sweat just like people. If they can not transpirate (breathe), the plant suffocates.

I would give it nothing but pure pH balanced water (6.3) and if possible, clean the plant with pure pH water and a soft microfiber cloth.
Be extremely gentle.

Since the plant is so small, it would be easier to plant a new one.

In the future, try the product: Lost Coast Plant Therapy. It's made to kill bugs and some diseases.
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