waterfall aerospray system DWC GPA

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My prototype for an RDWc low heat gain, no leak system I'm calling it a waterfall aerospray system. There is a drip ring also that's not seen .
The net cups set into the spray rings and the water level is adjustable for a true DWC or lower for a pure spray system.

This is how my lowest GPA pump performed on a 4 bucket proof of concept system. See video

I also have a single bucket system as well with dedicated pumps for each bucket.
Waterfall aerospray system dwc gpa
Waterfall aerospray system dwc gpa 2
Waterfall aerospray system dwc gpa 3
Waterfall aerospray system dwc gpa 4


I like it bro. Your video didn't come through.

I like how you can adjust water level, what do you do put an extension on that? Fucking love the concept.

As for full aero, I'd say you might break a plastic propeller blade on it doing that. Idk what the plastic pumps are rated for psi wise, but I'm assuming you plan on upgrading the aero setup. I like how universal it is.. Hell you could put a screen over the bottom holes and fill it with coco/perlite for drip. . Lol.. Man.. U got my wheels turning.

So what Temps you gonna run and what nutrients?
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that's cool

i just ordered a little kit that is like those drip rings i'm going to add to my dwc buckets. the exception with mine is that they are air powered, and i will not have any submersible pumps. i was excited for this aspect.
but i like how you just did a d.i.y. version, totally cool

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