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Yep basically is a qwiso with a little more filtering thanks for sharing
Basically, what i do as well. I. Do use a oil still to recoup most of the wash. This picture is what i have left after I've collected most of what i startedwith.
I'd take the washed material and dump that into the collection container and mark the full level with a piece of tape. Then while running the still I'd stop about 1/4" below the tape mark. (Saves opening and closing the still)
Screenshot_20210221-113042_Samsung Internet.jpg

Another trick" get a cabela's jerky gun with a screen for a sink in the end and squeeze the material near bone dry.


7 weeks 1 day.
what a week, i’m was in killer pain from a tooth/gum ache, on pain killers, obviously smoking all day. i watered the plants a day or two early and it shows, getting paranoid of wpm floating around, (as i left the drying room door open for 3 days), fucking moron!.
so i sprayed the plants with a too strong mixture of h2o2, like 7/8%, meant 2/3%, over 10% can kill plants.. than next day gave them a spraying of milk.
one is just been legging behind since day one, looks bad, doesn’t help she was overwatered, also i fell in the tent, damn pain killers! knocking her over and partially on her.. i guess she’s just doomed.. anyways she’s not taking up any room yet so i’m trying to get her back to something..
PATIENCE... 😡, haha..
so hopefully i’m back on track.. feeling much better after surgery..
also made oil from the two mini😆 gorilla glues, got like 27/28 grams, with a 5 min qwiso, everything frozen, even the stocks and branches! haha..
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