What’s your take on my babies?

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So this is the guys widow (rip joe) that taught me how to fold, I don’t social media, but if you do and you have a chance to check Jenny L’s work, she is one of the good ones, she used to miracle someone every show, without fail. Her dye skills are my dye skills. “Family tie dyes”. You know, if you social media and whatnot and have a second.
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Sounds to me like you a legend in your own mind there Nick. I'm fine with any advice I'm offering in the forum. It's a lot better than most of the crap I see posed and that goes for some stuff Ive seen you post but I'm not on here telling you that you don't know what your talking about or busting on your grows am I. Not everyone wants to spend $100 a bag for Fox Farm with bat shit and seaweed extract. Such stupidity leaves me shaking my head. Really!

Whats wrong with garden soil and good old Promix 12-6-6. It's really good fertilizer for 12.99 a jug not $50. I flower 4 plants a year and average 10 lbs of very fine bud. Maybe you should come back down to earth with the rest of us normal people try it and see. Like I said your welcome to your opinion Nick but telling me I don't know what I'm talking about. Your way out of line mister and you no it, As far as your opinion about my grows well you can take your opinion and stuff it where the sun don't shine I could really care less what you think.
well i feel you’ll be leaving here soon..
you obviously don’t have a clue and it’s quite obvious..
tell me or show me where my advice was wrong?


Are you still out there, PP 92? If you are, how are they looking?

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