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I got some seeds from a friend some years ago which he bred on his farm over the course of several years. He had access to pollen so he bred himself a strain we call L.G.B.Q(k)ush.

1-Lemmon Kush X bubba Kush pollinated with Gods Gift, pulled seeds
2-Grandady purp X OG kush pollinated with Gods gift, pulled seeds
Pollinated #2 with #1, pulled #3 seeds
Grew #3 seed and pollinated with Platinum kush
Then bred back to the Gods gift through pollination.
This breed is dank!
It’s what I know. What’s your input? It’s my second run with these seeds (I got quite a few left) she’s super dark green like super dark lol with red veins and purple tones under the leaves and makes the tent smell like a warm bag of skittles and sweet tree sap.
The big ol nug pic is last run, the others are her clone.
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