What is it? Deficiency? Gnats? Overfeeding?

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Thanks. If you have any more issue, or the PH isn't getting back in range, don't hesitate. Molasses will actually drop ph, so im wondering if they're putting anything in it to combat the drop from Molasses, and that's why it's being raised so high?
Well find out tomorrow
Flush with 400ppm till runoff 450 ppm... Looked light i was beginning to have a N toxicity. I will run 450 for 3-4 days to see if they react better... maybe a heavy feed is not needed on this strain...


Check the bottom of the spotted looking leaves with a jewelers loupe for bugs.
check this link out, this stuff is totally natural and I tried everything, this stuff goes in the soil and the gnats larvae eat it and it kills.
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