What Makes A Tree A Tree ?

this is not the answer you seek but this is the facts.
Tree is another cannabis slang used that adds to confusion .
Only a cpl species of cannabis plants are consider real trees the other words are cannabis pollen slinger slang. Pollen chuckers dont under stand plants science so the cannabis seed industry is a mess. Xylem and phloem are transported thru cells some are called sieve cells. Xylem cells in the center of trees die and leave the tree ring . Only a couple cannabis strains will leave tree rings. Phloem is near and in the bark . If you strip the bark of a tree around the entire base it will kill the tree or branch that is striped will die from the phloem stopped that flows in the bark on plants that are trees. However this should not kill a cannabis plant but Ive tested this and it will kill it sometimes. xylem and phloem flow in the center of most cannabis plants where as tree dont.


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think the op is just asking how big a pot plant should be to be considered being called a "tree" lol,some dorky google answers here though nice haha.
Almost as dorky as the color of your qwiso hahaha