What music to play for my ladies?

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Mythbusters tried this with a few different forms of music. Death Metal produced the best yield of the genres they tried. Classical was number two.


It is hypothesized that plant cells are stimulated by pressure from sound waves. Therefore, the optimal sounds for optimal plant growth are likely to not be a genre of music that most people are familiar with. It would be more like a constant wall of modulated noise with a heavy low end. Noise music genre. Like Merzbow.

The sub sonic and ultra sonic frequencies could also be useful. The plant itself has an internal resonant frequency that could be exploited and manipulated. I would do these experiments for fun, but I already grow more weed than I need without using any sound.
Myth busters did a piece on it where they use different music and yelling or talking to them gently, as I remember the plants that got yelled at daily did the worst. If I remember right they grew best with Big Band era music or Classical I'm old no memory but it did show there was a relationship between the different sounds they feel / hear.......nothing likes being yelled at not even plants....
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