What Size Warehouse For 100lights

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Most people start here with their small time grow n progress over time.

Not many ppl asking about operations like this with zero groundwork.

I fuct up all my plants my first grow. Now I got huge n have learned.

U need to dive in first.
I’ve been growing 8 years now...I just don’t come to forums often lol I’ve dove in already
the rrock

the rrock

How do you veg in flower room CJ,if your using 100 or so lights the least of your worries would be the size of warehouse ,since your talking about it why not show some pics of your current 4 light operation.


i just hope you realise what you ae getting yourself into mate. everything changes on that sort of scale. a spidermite infection in your little 4 light set up, no biggie, spidermites in a warehouse. well its a whole different story. i think you need to sit down and figure all this stuff out for yourself so you understand the gravity of what your doing because if someone is investing that big into you, you better not let them down and there is a lot that can go wrong


Sorry to burst your "legal" bubble. Marijuana is still a schedule 2 by the federal government of the USA. Federal trumps state, county, city laws. No it's and or butts about it.
It' schedule 1. Meaning it can' be prescribed and of no medical benefit. Most opiods are schedule 2.Peace, Roscoe
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