What to do about a Hermie

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This particular plant was a clone someone gave me of unknown parentage. We have had several light leaks. I have been lax with that. A few times when people came over, they wanted to take a peek and we turned the lights on during the dark. I will never do that again.

AS FOR "friends" coming over & wanting to take a peek: I would not do that. We post our Pics here and everyone feel Free to be themselves, but as for letting people (locally) know that you're Growing.....I just wouldn't. My wife (necessarily) is the only one that knows I'm growing 2 plants in the bedroom. No one else. And I live in a "Legal" State. Doesn't matter; cops may be Bored & get wind of it....they'll want to check you out. The last thing any of us needs, is Inquisitive Police poking through our homes. Remember, once inside - they're looking for ANYTHING they can find. Guns, etc. ANYTHING. It's in their blood.

Just: SSSHHHhhhhhhh.....
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