What's the latest from Vegas?

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You're so damn polite! Bahhhhhhhhhhhh ;-)

Currently the law doesn't allow 'for consideration' transfers... no cost reimbursements, no donations, no nothing.

Those that are pushing it, are pushing against the above. Metro can come in and smash & grab any time they like... and never charge... or charge... or bump it to the DEA to go around the medi laws. It happened/es.

I'd wait & see for July... likely be some changes.


Here's the latest. The woman who was pushing her state representative to push her mmj dispensary bill was arrested this past Friday when raided and the cops found 90 plants. Smart eh? Looks like any bill to help will now be thrown in the crapper.

Here's the story-
A Las Vegas woman, who has advocated for changes to the state’s medical marijuana law, was arrested after police found dozens of marijuana plants in her home.

Rhonda Shade and her husband, Lowel Shade, were taken into custody Friday after Metro Police served a search warrant at their home near Craig and Cimmaron.

Investigators said they found 90 mature marijuana plants, a significant amount of marijuana ready for sale, and a gun.

The couple faces charges of possession of marijuana with intent to sell and trafficking. They also face a child endangerment charge since, police say, their child was in the home at the time of arrest.

News 3 spoke to Rhonda back in January after her medical marijuana business, called Medicated Jane’s, was raided. Shade provided exclusive video of FBI and DEA agents busting into the business, placing her in handcuffs.

Most recently, Shade talked about her work to change current marijuana laws in Nevada.

She wrote what she calls the “Compassionate Access Act of 2011,” an amendment that redefines who can use medical marijuana and how the substance is obtained.


One step forward - two steps back. Like I've said before: If you're going to walk a slippery slope you best keep your mind clear, your eyes open, and watch your step. One wrong move can be fatal.


So has anyone learned any new info??? Does anyone have info on Northern NV? Just was wondering...also been hearing around up North here that we might be getting a spot soon?? Rumor or anybody know??


hey guys, im in vegas, the senate bill for dispencarys recently got denied, sorry
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