Where are the Classic strains?

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IMO every plant pretty much on earth is a hybrid! Mother nature takes care of that over thousands of years! Just have to decide whether you want to go with natures, hybrid, or hybrid that have been manipulated by man over the last few hundred! I kind of prefer the term primitive! Like me! Lol! I just think today’s modern stuff is kind of cookie cutter! Wanted to get into the exotic just to turn back the hands of time! This is the stuff, the best hash makers in the world use! So why not try and grow some! I didn’t even know that was such a thing as, Greek weed!😁
Today I prefer the Indicator dominant strains but growing up back in the 70s and 80s the stuff on the street in the states must have been Sativas from Central and South America. The Indicas look like they mostly came fron Asia from what I can tell. When did the flower power hippy generation start to cultivate the hybrid strains and distribute them in any significant percentage?

For the Europeans in that era, was it the Greek Arcadia and the Morrocan one the most likely? Wife’s ancestry is from the UK and Sweden, mine from the Iberian peninsula. Holland and Spain seem to be large European cultivators today. What was the deal back in the early days?
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