White Widow x Purple Haze

Over the past few months I've been gaining knowledge and did an experimental Blue Dream grow that wasn't a complete success but I got something out of it. I consider this my first serious grow.

I got my hands on some clones of what is said to be White Widow x Purple Haze. The source says he calls it Pink Widow but that name has already been established as far as I can tell so i just call it what it is, or what i think it is. I can't guarantee the cross but it's all I know. Long story. Friend of a friend thing.

I vegged for 8 weeks and put them into my bloom tent on 3/25/19 along with some Blue Dream experiments. For this thread I'll concentrate on the Widows.

I heavily trained them flat and as you can see the result is three dense bushes. The stems are also very thick. The genetics are robust.

I'm having a miserable time typing as the text keeps scrolling off the screen so I'll post pics now and elaborate on my laptop. I need to check my settings. Pics are from 4/15/19. The last pic is a Blue Dream 3 cola plant in a 2 gal pot. Put it in bloom at 6" for the hell of it.
Not sure what to do here...
My plants are short and dense because I trained them that way, but I now have colas that are densely lollypopped. The stems go horizontal for a foot or so with no growth then turn up into a dense bunch of thick stems and buds. The problem is that most lower buds have no space to grow into. So, the plant is not lollypopped, the colas are. I trained my blue dream the same way and this did not happen so clearly these plants are a different beast. I like the thick growth but the plant is suffocating itself. The stems are all very thick so I dont want to clip them. I'm considering pulling the larger fan leaves to give it some air but dont want to shock the plants into stunting them. I was thinking to do one of the three as a trial.

Do you think the buds will find their way out of the jungle or do I have to clear things out? In these pics the bunch in the center is a single cola. As you can see there is nice bud growth but they are hidden under thick side stems.

I decided to experiment on one of the three. I thinned out any fan leaves that were overlapping clogging up bud sites. I hollowed out the center and made some space between colas. I can now see through the plant which I prefer to dense foliage. It's not as pretty but I'm growing buds not leaves. The bud sites are now able to grow into surrounding space and I can actually see them . I will give it one week to see how it handles the shock before deciding to do the other two. I'm at 3 weeks into flower and dont want to do much thinning after week 4.

I also amended with fish fertilizer. If my wife doesn't ban me from the basement due to the stench I will do this once every couple of weeks. 😖

I didn't need a week to know that these things desperately needed haircuts. When I snipped the first one I found lots of weak pale leaves and hidden buds underneath the pretty canopy. Two days later the leaves looked much better so I snipped them all. They look much better to me now. I like plants to breath.

I learned that this cross needs very little to no training. They are into 4th week of flower and are maxed out at just over a foot tall. I have the next run of 4 growing now and will not flatten them. These look like bonsai weed. The buds are now growing out nicely and dust is starting to form.
I didn't post up my gear so here it is...

My first tent is a Mars 39x39x72. It's a nice heavy fabric. It is now my veg tent.
My second tent for bloom is an Apollo 48x48x78. It's not as heavy as the Mars but it works.

In the 39 I have a Mars Pro II Cree 128. It has separate growth and bloom switches. I only use the growth LEDs which are blue and white. The bloom switch adds red and creates the "burple" effect. The blue and white runs very cool. Red adds quite a bit of heat but I'm not using it. I will be making another Timber rig to replace this soon. That will have four 3500k Bridgelux vero29se cobs with dimmers. 3500k is a good full spectrum output according to Timber.

In the 48 i have a Timber DIY rig. I bought five two cob kits to fabricate two rigs. This rig is made from an old Andersen aluminum screen window and worked out well. Right now i have three separate sections with three separate dimmers and drivers for flexibility. That may change in the future. In the corners I have four 3500k Bridgelux Vero29se cobs and in the center I have two 1750k of the same type. I use this for bloom only but can unplug the 1750k is i ever want to veg with it. I'll insert a switch at some point. I dont go as far as to measure light output and that sort of detail but I can tell you that this combination creates a very bright and very warm output. I had them at 18" but burnt a couple of plants so now it's at 24" to 30" . Plants are much happier. The heat output is very manageable at around 75 degrees.

To manage air I have a tower oscillating fan in the corner that blows across the plants. I have two clip fans blowing across the heat sinks with another blowing into the rear heat sinks for extra cooling and air movement. finally, i have an AC Infinity T6 system. It includes a fan controller with various functions. I also have an AC Infinity filter that is currently disconnected. The system moves a lot of air. I use it with a Y to move air out of both tents. It's always on so I can do that. Both temps are good and air comes in from the bottom tent vents. This fan caves in both tents on full power. I run it at 6 or 7 out of 10. It's real purpose is for av use but it works great in this capacity.

For soil I started with fox farms ocean but that's too expensive so i moved to pro mix and coco coir both from lowes. I started with the fox farm fert combo but that is also too expensive. I have some jr Peter's blossom fert which is much cheaper and much easier to apply. I like that I can apply to the leaves before flowering which works well. I'm not sure really an organic grower right now so I dont mind. I need things to be easy or it feels like work and if it feels like work I will quit my hobbies . I will continue experiment with the many choices available. I also have some fish fert also from lowes.

This all runs on a 20 amp circuit with a 20 amp Tripp Lite power conditioner and surge protector.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.