Who remembers Paraquat

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paraquat,” is an herbicide sprayed over marijuana fields in Mexico in the 1970s—with the aid of US money and US-provided helicopters—and over marijuana fields in Georgia in the 1980s under the direction of the Reagan Administration.
As a youngster in the 70s I used to go with my brother to Mexico and bring back brick weed by the Lbs. In the early 80s I smoked some brick weed wit paraquat in it and it messed me up for 25 years. 1 hit it felt like someone hit me straight on top of my head with an axe and my head felt like it was being torn in half.


I remember this too! I very clearly remember smoking some weed in the morning before school and then having the guy that sold it to me tell me not to smoke it because it might have paraquat. I freaked the fuck out, but it wasn't as nothing at all happened. Was scary for sure and I didn't smoke for a while after that.
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