Wrap For Pressing Bubble Hash

I only make small amounts and usually wrap a chunk in saran wrap and stick it in the heel of my shoe. This time I took it out and placed the blob in the sun to soften a bit more and damn the seran wrap stuck to the slab of hash!! I can't just pull it off; the wrap won't separate. So my question is what else do people use for wrapping their hash for pressing? There's a video of Frenchy C using some heavy duty stuff; but what is it?
(I'm thinking I'll have to microplane it off.)
Cellophane sheeting👍I use the really big bags you buy at craft n hobby stores for flower bouquets, has a welded seam all the way around except the top. If you watch Frenchys vids again you'll hear him mention cellophane a couple times 👍
I wonder why hash is so inexpensive? Harborside sells it @ $40/g. I use untrimmed bud. Hardly worth it if I was doing it for the money. Just prefer vaping hash over flower; and it stores efficiently. Not enough room in my freezer
for a lot of bud.
Hands sore. But I made another fatty 👍
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Maybe I'll just keep going until my arms fall off 🤷‍♂️ lol
Speaking of sore hands, check this out sometime. I found it quite interesting. Some surprising methods employed here to say the least lol. Nothing I'd ever do, things like adding water to it when he heats it up (something I've actually heard Frency Cannolli refer to before in a video) and direct flame heating. But when you see the end product he makes and what he started with, there is no doubt it's not his first slab of hash lol. Just cool to see an afghani dude making hash,.. I love vids like this that capture different cultures working with this plant in a way that is so different from how modern growers make hash

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