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Axel Rose

Axel Rose

Quick update.

Ive been pretty busy this week trying to get setup up for next cycle. Picked up an extra light yesterday for a total of 250 bucks!!!


I still need another tent but I'm dying to see how this de hps will run. I'm thinking about swapping it with my 1000w phantom ballast just to have it all set up lol. Today is day 1 of trimming, there isnt much free time for me today but enough too get a jump start for tomorrow.

Here are a couple nugs shots of the GSC forum cut. These buds are freaking dense!!!! Really hard and consistent nug sizes throughout the whole batch.


Stripping down 6 per node worked but theres a couple nugs at the bottom that barely made it to a bowl pack. 😔 that's ok... 4th per node seems to have been what I personally like. I tried 6th per node with the GG4 too see if it matter on slow growing strains vs fast one. Gsc (seaturtle) vs GG4 (peregrine falcon), were both at 6th per node and flip finishing in a 7 gal smart pot.

If I dont like the results then it is 4th per node on slower growing and back to 3 to 1 for fast growing. These are all based on overall health and size of the bush. I grow bushy plants and if I dont do this theres a lot of leaf pruning and tucking to do in the middle of flower.
Axel Rose

Axel Rose

Rearranged Flower Tent View
front to back and left to right

GG4 3gal airpot, mainlined and topped
GG4 #3 nursery pot, monstercropped and lst
GG4 7 gal smartpot, multi topped and lst
WTC 3 gal airpot, lst at day 1 12/12
Dosidos#55 #3 nursery pot topped at 8 branches
Casper Og 7 gal smart pot lst at day 1 12/12



This WTC will be the next one to go into flower. She has a good 2 weeks to get those tops up. I trimmed back the branches to leave 5 shoots per branch. It'll be a good 2 weeks of supercropping for this one. She got the same treatment as the others. Groundswell soil, RootsEwc, guano, alfalfa meal. She went from 1 gal to 3 gal. View attachment 859712 View attachment 859713 View attachment 859714 View attachment 859715
You’re not holding that poor plant up by its stem with no root support are you, yikes?

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