Wtc, Gg4, And Gsc

First I'd like to say welcome and thank you for taking some time to look at my garden. I hope I can give everyone a little something to enjoy!!!

I picked up a few clones at Archive Portland a few months ago and got my tent back up and running. I took things a little slow at first, it's been about 3 years since my last setup so I am a little rusty. I hope you dont mind jumping in mid grow but I promise another run for each strain.

I did a basic organic soil mix with EWC, 4 different bat guanos, and water with an AACT every other watering on older plants. I use mykos during transplants and add molasses and kelp meal in my AACT to increase the effectiveness of the actual nutrient uptake. Once I have more funds I plan on buying a couple more raw ingredients for my soil mix but until then this will do. Also I do a foliar spray of seaweed twice a week or AACT once the plant is big enough to take it lol. I do this to all of my strains with some adjustments here and there depending on the strain. For my younger plants I just use half strength AACT but only when it looks like they need a little something.

I have a water reservoir with a heater to match the grow tent temperature and a few air stones to keep the water aerated. It is what helps my plants thrive and drink their water faster.

For veg I have to improvise I am working on getting a 2x4x6.5 but for now I have a ghetto rack:( and a 2x2x4 :cry:. I have a 5x5x6.5 flower tent to finish. All plants will finish under a 1000w hps.
High 77 low 73
Night time
High 65 low 61
I'd like you to meet my White Tahoe Cookies
I'll call her WHITEHO'

Pic 1 The day I got her.
Pic 2 Time to tie the main stem down(lst)
Pic 3 Ready to flower due to small shitty tent. The canopy needs more work.
Pic 4 Looks like she has a webbed toe!!!!
Pics 5 & 6 before and after 2 week defoliation. This one had way way too many fan leaves from the first initial plucking. I cant believe it.
Pic 7 She happy to be next to her sister GG4. I'll call her Gloria.
Pics 8 & 9 were taken last friday she is finally on cruise control until finish. I love this her canopy. Good candidate for lst
Next up is my GG4 Gloria.
Ok so I started messing around with this one a little bit. Usually I top early to get 4 branches, then I let I go to about 12 to 16 inches top it again and tie it back down. After that I transplant to feed the new growth and wait anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the strain.

So for this one I notice that it was a little more stretchy than the WTC. The structure was great but it was taking up to much room. I thought maybe if I even out the branches its could give me more branches to work with. Well it worked great until it started to stretch again. But this time the whole canopy grew together. It was pretty awesome but in the end I think this plant needs more room. I threw it in flower once it outgrew the 2x2x4. The smell on this one lingers around a bit more and I've noticed my filter is getting overpowered. In the end I'm still really happy with the way she's growing. I just transplanted from a 3 gallon to a 5 gallon smart pot and did the last defoliation on it. It's been 3 days and she is loving her new soil.

She was a little bigger than I wanted her to be but I still topped her down to 4 branches.

This was when I topped them again and tied them together to create an even distribution for nutrients.

Finally long enough to super crop and start leveling out the canopy.

Back on track. Time for a 3 gallon.

Gorilla Gloria RTF :D next to her sister GSC in the 1 gallon pot. There is one lone GG4 in a 4 inch pot for next run next to the cucumbers. The rest in 4 inch pots are WTC. I will choose the one with the best structure.

Plenty of bud sites are starting to show. Almost time to transplant.

5 days later and she is happy to be in a new pot with her last defoliation.
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Last on the list is my GSC Forum Cut.
She's in her 3 gallon pot and has been topped and tied down for the last time. I'm trying to see how short I can make her. Hopefully I can keep her nice and stout for the next few weeks.

Hanging out between her siblings. Getting acclimated for a one gallon transplant and her first topping. Her top gave me 4 clones!

Unfortunately I dont have any more pictures of her. But tomorrow I will provide a proper update for her.

As of now White Tahoe Cookies is at day 39 in flower and GG4 is at day 18 in flower. The GSC has a good 3 weeks of training and supercropping.
A little more about GSC Forum Cut:

Here is how she looks today. She is trying to make sure my WTC gets a run for her money. This strains structure is amazing. It doesnt matter what I do to her she just adapts and keeps on growing.

Here you can see her canopy is starting to fill out nice and even. Out of the 3 she has the most branches and shortest node to node lenght.

No water for her today she was transplanted into a 3 gallon before I tied her up.

I took about 4 clones 3 weeks ago and 3 are almost ready to transplant. I will choose the stronger of the bunch and chop off the bottom 1/4 of roots and get her ready for the next run. I will post and update on clones later
Here are a couple pictures of the WTC I have for next run. I gave out a few clones and kept 3 to mess around with. I topped all of the clones early to get 4 and 2 main branches.

This one didnt like getting topped early and went back to a single cola.

This is an experiment I'm trying just for the heck of it.

She was my second best clone. Well it was a tough call she was almost identical to my keeper of the bunch. I cut her four branches back to make 8 main branches. I top dressed waited for the first sign of growth and threw her in 12/12. I'll revert back to veg once I get some nice buds.

And this is my favorite of the bunch. I screwed up and bumped a branch off with my butt, so now she has 3 branches. She is almost ready to be tied down for the last time.
Getting clones ready for the next run.

I transplanted my clones a few hours ago and gave them some calmag.

I have 6 GG4
And 3 GSC Forum cut

Getting ready to trim the taproot.

Here where I'll make my cut.

A couple plugs after the cut. These are the keeper GG4.

The whole bunch ready for water.

Up next GSC

I ran out of battery to show the roots but they where a lot thicker than the GG4. I stuck them back in their cell pot for a few days to see if I can get a away with doing that from now in instead of the 2 inchers.

I took this just now which is about about 3 hours after they were watered.
Small update.
I tied up the next White Tahoe Cookies for the last time. All I have to do now is supercrop and wait.

I waited till she showed she was strong and fully taking to her new soil mix. I'm glad I did because I screwed up again. I was too rough! So the LST turned into supercropping after a trip to the ER. As I was trying to get the branch in position it sort peeled off.
White Tahoe Cookies
It's a cross between The White x Tahoe OG x Girl Scout Cookies.
oh thanks, I should pay more attention as you have stated the strain clearly. They look great,so I will be watching how they turnout. Dont think of screwing up as a bad thing either,its a learning thing. And good job with this thread(infowise) as new growers may learn from it also.
oh thanks, I should pay more attention as you have stated the strain clearly. They look great,so I will be watching how they turnout. Dont think of screwing up as a bad thing either,its a learning thing. And good job with this thread(infowise) as new growers may learn from it also.
Thank you!
Well if it ever happens all I do is grab some thread seal tape wrap it up tight and supercrop above the wound. It's always works. I've used bread ties too. They work fine but your plant will end up growing into the bread tie if you still need to keep it on. It ends up stretching with the plant and saves you from disturbing the wound if you have to loosen the bread tie and tighten it back up.
I'm not kidding it happens all the time here a shot of what it looks like after it's all healed up. I went in there and took these. You can see the scar where it tore off about halfway.

My tape was in my tool box back then and I was lazy so I went with the bread tie method on this one. Here's another shot from the top.

That's the broken branch. It looks like nothing ever happened lol
Week 6 today. (Day 42)
Gave her a nice watering of AACT. My whole house reeks! She also started showing purple around her leaves. I wonder if it came with the extra smell.

GG4 is at 3 weeks (day 21)
She is very frosty looks like she will fill up real nice.

Bottom shot for structure. Left you can see where I tried to even out the stretchy branches. It worked pretty good I will probably keep messing with it and see if it helps with keeping the buds about the same size. The one on the right was only lst'd and supercropped.

This GG4 is getting ready to be the next candidate for flower.

She was the best out off 3. I have a hard time letting go. Plus I work so hard to keep them happy the last thing I wanna do is kill it off. So I might keep her to flower. I used her as a back up just in case my clones get sick from root pruning. But I NEED to do it to keep my plants as close to each other in structure. It also helps with transplanting. It helps keep plant out of shock when you transplant later with or without mykos. Just make sure your scissors are disinfected and use mykos. After about 24hrs they should be green and in better health than before.
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