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Talk to Logic and looks like we might be vending Zoolander gear soon so if anyone has pix or stories about my past gear please post pix of info on how you felt about your Zoo gear. I've never had one bad report so please post away


Sll x bb x hb is absolute fire. Zoo I can't wait for what you have coming out! Looking forward to it. I have some lovely ladies from the above that impress the best out there. Keep us in the loop!

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I would be curious to see what somebody breeds after buying all the good different seeds out there. I used to be so jealous of your cache. If the big one hit Ca. I was first going to a gun shop then your place. No future without good beans. I wish you more luck then you think you'll need to be successful here. If seeds are available local I wish someone would let me know. I just been burnt to many times not getting my beans when they had my money. JK


Hey ya Zoo, I've been very interested in obtaining one of your strains but need info on it... I want to know bout the BB x HB x SLL seeds you made. Like what BB & HB you used for them. Thanx appreciate any info, peace brotha!
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